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  • Member: Katsumi_AMVs
  • Title: Dragulatrix
  • Premiered: 2003-08-16
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  • Song:
    • Rob Zombie Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix)
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  • Comments: ====================================================================

    I'm terrible to choose titles for my vids , so in this one I just use the song name and the name
    of the cd that I took the music file (The Matrix)

    In this vid I'm using footage from ALL episodes of ANIMATRIX,
    can be called by a multi anime ?~_~

    This should be called by a test, because , this is my FIRST video with Premiere,
    and now I can understand how people make insane fast cuts in some vids
    that I found out there.
    Well the program that I've used untill now , was impossible edit the vid frame by frame,
    so that and many other things are better on Premiere, I'm sure that my videos
    will be better from know ^_^

    And for the ones that going to give me opinions,I'm not asking for scores on Digital FX,
    cuz I'm not using so many diferent efxs ,I just made some tests with FXs to check out
    the results that I can get, but if you're an expert in FXs,
    you can tell me what you think about it ,THANKS in advance.

    I have problems to match lyrics in my vids , because, have too many expressions
    that I don't understand ,what is the exactly significate , and sometimes
    I can't make a literally translation , but I' tried to match some lyrics of course ,
    I don't know if you can found those ones , but I think the action in this vid it's the
    biggest appeal to have fun watching, so I HOPE that you like my new AMV ^^

    IMPORTANT! - This vid it's now replaced with an XviD version ,
    the info in the link it's wrong , this is NOT an mpeg 1 352 X 240 ,
    the resolution it's fixed to an AVI 544 X 240

    ENJOY ^_^

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