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  • Member: themaan
  • Studio: Flying Head Co.
  • Title: Rayearth To Back In Black!
  • Premiered: 2003-08-14
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    • AC/DC Back In Black
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  • Comments: THIS IS AN EARLY VIDEO, This is a video I made way back when I used Windows Movie Maker. I would like to advise you that these videos aren't very good. Actually, this one isn't that bad, some people seem to like it very much.

    *Re-Written On 2004-07-24*

    Here it is, my first video ever. I actually think it isn't as bad as some of the videos I did after this one. Back then I was less creative when it came to titles. Well, actually, I still am. But the title really explains the video. It's the wonderful Magic Knights Rayearth to one of my favourite songs Back In Black by AC/DC.

    I admit that the scenes are a little random, but the video still works and makes sense. I shouldn't say that it makes sense because the song and anime have nothing to do with each other! Overall I had a fun time working on this video. The Windows Movie Maker crashes were damn annoying. But I got so used to them that once I started using Adobe Premierem, the program felt god-like. I'm never using Windows Movie Maker again, that was awfull!

    This is my only Magic Knights Rayerth video as of now. I probably won't do any for a while seeing as I don't have access to the DVD anymore. I was using them through a friend and he lost them. He was definitely very sad!

    When it came to ripping the footage for this AMV. I really didn't know how to. I hadn't found out about the org when I started this and didn't know about the guides! I basically searched on the internet for a DVD ripping program and used this horrible little program to turn th DVD into an AVI. I forget the name of it but after ripping the DVD it looked pretty awfull! But back then I didn't know much about quality, heck I was downloading AMVs of KaZaA so I thought that was the quality you get when making an AMV! But it still looks pretty good in my opinion. If you download the local version.

    Overall, it was a fun expierience making my first Anime Music Video and I hope you enjoy watching the finished product!

    *Participant At The AuN Sponsered First Video Contest*

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