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  • Member: turboneko
  • Studio: Turboneko Studio
  • Title: DDR Project 4th Mix, Track 29: After the Game of Love
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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    • NPD3 After the Game of Love
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    This video is part of the DDR Project 3, a full hour non stop music video. The fadings at the beginning and at the end (where the video was mixed with the previous and the next) are both intended.


    Each year has a different DDR story. For the 4th mix me and Cristina did request only one track, thinking that we would be allowed to get one only. Then I spoke with Ian and Hsien and the bottomline was "well, you are two editors, you should have asked for two tracks!"


    I came back to Hsien when it was lottery time, and he was so kind to let me have a spot in the remaining tracks. He actually did more than that, and gave me the opportunity to pick my track first... but since I felt already guilty I just said "Tell you what: let everybody make their choice and I'll get whatever is left"

    That's how I got "After the Game of Love" (or, the track that nobody wanted :p)

    Now on the video. This year's project had a few more "guidelines" regarding the content of the videos (not too much nudity, violence and so on) since it looks like that last year somebody complained a little bit. Being the lyrics of my song rather explicit, Hsien highly recommended a "family safe" video... and so I thought "I'll make some sort of parody, so I'll be all set".

    OBVIOUSLY it didn't work ^^; (riiiiight into the pitfall...)

    The song is one of the downtempos so, by looking also at videos from past years, I knew I had to try something different to make this video stand out in some way (which is rather difficult when you don't work with an high energy song). After bumping my head on the wall for a while and brainstorming with Cristina, we came up with the idea of including live footage in the video, thinking that this would have made the "difference" I was looking for. Being the moderated kpop fans that we are, we had quite a few music videos of BoA to choose from... some of which matched almost perfectly the mood of "After the Game of Love".

    Ok, that's how I got the live footage... what about the anime then? Browsing our DVD collection, the only anime that looked fitting was Utena the Movie (hmmm... bye bye family safeness? :p) and since 1 + 1 makes two, the subsequent logic choice to fit the lyrics was to make a lesbian video about Utena and Anthy (am I for real?!?!).

    "Ok, Hsien is going to kill me" ^^;

    Ideas came quickly after that, proving that after all it was the right path to follow (oh well). A while ago I envisioned an AMV where all the action had to take place into frames, but I never had the opportunity to realize it: this idea came back to my mind with some help from Cristina, and we found a way to match it (perfectly?) with this video.

    At this point everything was set... the tough part was then to make a lesbian video looking not _SO_ lesbian to be kicked out from the project ^^; For the most part of the video I've tried to create subtle references and keep an "artistic" approach, and I am pretty happy with the end result I have to say. The only problem is that when you combine:

    1) explicit lyrics
    2) kpop music videos
    3) a light lesbian story
    4) the "I show but I don't show" paradigm

    and you mix everything together, the final product looks much more "explicit" (oh my god...) than if it was made with real explicit scenes. Well, I hope that Hsien and Brad will make it pass with the excuse that it looks like an artistic video ^^;

    Now, on the technical. This was the first video were I actively used AfterEffects for more than a few animations. All the clips were first selected and timed into Premiere, exported and then composed in AE... it was quite a bit of work frankly. I believe that more than 80% of the video is composed by frames that do not really exist in the original anime: I have been heavily composing all the scenes in the video to give it sort of a "dreaming" look, with all the stuff going on in the frames and such.

    To be honest, most of the technical work (even if time consuming) was not too hard: I basically used masks, motion settings and some blurring. The hardest part was instead choosing how to compose all the elements on the screen trying to achieve, at the same time:

    1) a pleasant look
    2) something not too distracting
    3) meaningful scenes
    4) something not too explicit

    I am not so sure if I got all of the four points, but you'll be able to see by yourself when this video will become available for download (after the DDR premiere at AWA) ^_^

    On a final note I would like to thank Cristina for her invaluable help and Ian and Hsien for being my "beta testers". I hope that everybody will enjoy the video!

    - Marco

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