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  • Member: RajinIII
  • Title: Cry_From_The_Soul
  • Premiered: 2003-08-13
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  • Song:
    • Skillet Kill Me, Heal Me
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  • Comments: Before I tell you about this awesome video you musn't misunderstand the song. It is not about violence as you may think. It is about how Jesus tears down the old you and replenishes you.

    This video is my first with real digital effects, and I did some lip syncing in this, but because of the nature of Gundam Wing the people hardly open their mouths when they speak so you may not notice it if you aren't looking for it. Please overlook the crapy lip sync, quality of the video, and the digital effects, I tried to make this look good but the footage was so flawed.. The timing as always is almost flawless here. I used 3 different Gundam shows, mostly Gundam Wing because of the footage I had. I didn't hardly use any 0083 because I only had one short clip and it was horrible quality. As for Gundam X, it appears a lot, but all of the clips are from the theme song (which rocks). Most of the footage is of the Sandrock Gundam, the X Gundam, and the battles between Zegs and Hero. Hope you enjoy it.

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