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  • Member: MrPsycohed
  • Studio: Giant X
  • Title: Rurouni Man
  • Premiered: 2001-07-30
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    • They Might be Giants Particle Man
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  • Comments: Chalk up another one, this is Giant X's fourth video. It was a HUGE pain in the ass to make. Why? Beacuse Kenshin DVDs do NOT like to cooperate with me. Some of the DVDs would give me these ugly after images when I ripped them that I just couldn't fix. So that cut down quite a few of the scenes I wanted to use (and has been a MAJOR roadblock in my up-and-comming-really-wanna-do-hope-to-release-friggin-SOMEDAY Edge of Soul/Kenshin AMV). Sigh... nothing's ever easy is it? Oh well. On the whole, I REALLY llike how this one turned out. I did a crap load more (and more accutare) editing than I've done yet. See what you think.

    Well, I got off my stupid ass and figured a work around for that after-image problem. And now the video is in the form the director originally intended. The changes are a follows:
    -The scene with Saito at the very end was replaced with a scene of Sano and flows much better
    -The format changed. It was an .mpeg, it is now a DivX 4 .avi.

    All the editing was done in Adobe Premiere. The conversion from AVI to MPEG was done with Tsunami. That reminds me, if anyone knows how to get those damned black bars off the sides of my AMVs, lemme know. I've been working at it for weeks and still can't figure out how. It occurs when I turn the the .avi of my vid into a .mpg with Tsunami.

    Though not required, it is -highly- recommended that you've seen up though the begining of the second season of Kenshin. Some of the jokes just don't make a bit of sence unless you know the characters.

    ***FUN FACTS!**
    -Duane Johnson's DBZ/Particle Man video was the key insperation for this AMV. It was one of the first I ever saw, and as such, this is a tribute of sorts (or a total rip-off if you want to look at it that way. . .). Thanks, Duane!
    -Total production time (excluding preliminary planning): 4 days. Twenty or so hours actual work time.
    -Total number of scenes used: 42
    -Total number of times I slammed my head against the wall because something went wrong durring production: Uncalculatable
    -You might notice a few scenes differ from what you'll see in the animé. I had to elongate or shorten a few shots so they'd match. First time I've done this and I'm happy with how it came out. See if you can tell which scenes I've edited and how.
    -The second to last scene may seem a bit tame for an otherwise action oriented AMV, but it was put in for 2 reasons: (1) I love that scenes. I couldn't stop laughing for 5 solid minutes afterwards. Good good stuff. (2) I couldn't use the scene I really wanted. Damn Flask MPEG wouldn't read the track that had the scene I had planned to use (the circus scene with Karou throwing knives at Sano). Still, I think it came out okay.
    -The above Fun Fact no longer applies. Fixed the scene, as stated in the update. Enjoy!
    -This is the first video I've doen with someone else! My close personal friend Shadlyn Ravenwolf helped me pick out a few scenes and decide on a few edits. Thanks, babe.
    -This is the first video I've REdone!


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