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  • Member: Pepsiman
  • Title: Maria's Lullaby
  • Premiered: 2003-08-07
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  • Song:
    • E-Type Russian Lullaby
  • Anime:
  • Comments: **Winner of Anime North’s 2003 Newbie Novice Award**
    ** Winner of Anime North’s 2003 Best Action Video Award**

    With the Life being played all over the radio last Fall and seeing a great DBGT music video my friend made to the song Campione I was in a real E-Type mood. Although his CD is nowhere to be found in music stores across Canada I stumbled across import CD of his from the early 90s called “Made in Sweden”. I immediately bought it, brought it home and put it through my CD player and while I couldn’t find Life or Campione (should I have been surprised? This CD came out about 5 years before either of those songs was made) I found a song I learned to love even more!

    Since Sakura Wars was the first DVD I ever got I always wanted to make a video to it and since Maria was Russian herself I figured the two would go together nicely.

    Since I basically ruined my last video with my old convert to DivX and then edit method (encoding DVDs at a different resolutions makes the video look very weird) I decided to consult with ErMaC and AbsoluteDestiny's guide for using Vobs in Premier and the result was a much clearer picture! I still got a lot to learn though as you can see from the beginning of the video where I tried zooming in the picture to hide some hard subs on the screen and basically ended up making the interlacing look really noticeable.

    I debuted the video and Anime North and to my surprise I managed to walk away with both the Best Action Award and the Newbie Novice Award! I guess this means I’m not really Newbie anymore but I probably got a long way to go before I could be considered pro... and who knows, maybe ond day I'll even be invited to join the next DDR Project!


    ps. Special Thanks to the guy who screamed out "OMG it's E-Type!" During the Anime North AMV contest. Up until that point I was worried that people would be all like "Who the hell made this stupid song!" So it was good to know there was a fellow fan in the audience.

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