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  • Member: J.Alana
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: Gohan-Lose Yourself
  • Premiered: 2002-10-14
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  • Song:
    • Eminem Lose Yourself
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  • Comments: A lot of people have been saying "J, Upload Lose Yourself." So who am I to disappoint. Here's a little background on this video.

    This was a special request video done for someone named Kakalotto who later became a good friend and now a member of J&P Productions. It is because of Kak that we have such a wide array of fans on Kazaa and IRC. Kak, as I call him, wanted a video done about his favorite DBZ character Gohan but he wanted to start with the Dead Zone and end with the defeat of Cell. (Gohan is my favorite character too.) He asked me to do the video to the song Lose Yourself. I really do not like Eninem's music but after listening to this song, I could see the way I wanted to video to go. My only gripe about this video are the "CN" clips I used. I can't wait until the Cell Games are out on DVD.

    This video was probably the most succesful vid that Pac and me have ever had. In its debut on 10/14/2002, it was the highest downloaded video for seven months and became our number one download in less then three months. In fact whenever I get an email about a terific vid someone has just seen by me, eight out of ten times its "Lose Yourself." I've asked in the past, "why do people like this vid so much?" People have given me honest answers and after reading their opinions I agree. To me this vid is not my signature vid, I view it as an average vid however, some disagree. I hope you enjoy it though.

    I have converted this vid to MPEG format so its easier to view on a DVD player or a MAC

    Enjoy Gohan Lose Yourself.

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