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  • Member: Katsumi_AMVs
  • Title: AC_DS
  • Premiered: 2003-08-03
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    • Linkin Park Don't Stay
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    OK I know about the "overused" stuff
    But I'm a Linkin Park fan,so I just don't found
    (or was too lazy to search)other song better than Don't Stay ,
    because the scenes fitted so well that I decide to don't care about scores
    I just hope that you can have fun watching this vid ,
    because I REALY had fun making it ^_~

    This video have Opening movie scenes from 3 Armored Core game series,
    the Computer Graphics have a quality so high
    that I wanted to make a GMV with.

    And here is the steps that I take to
    get the footage :

    1 - Save the footage taken from my capture card
    (Sony Giga pocket vid file)
    this file CAN'T be changed to AVI,just to mpeg1
    (but the capture quality is lost if I change to mpeg1)

    2 - The Sony GP file can be used to make a DVD
    ,so I made a DVD with all scenes
    that I wanted to include

    3 - Use the DVD to make AVI files with D2VAvi

    4 - Reencode the AVI files to Mpeg2,because with my
    movie editor program software I can't use AVI files just Mpeg2 or 1

    5 - And after edition process I made a Mpeg2 vid file with
    200 MB!!!(cuz my movie editor program don't have
    settings to change the bitrate to make a smaller vid file)

    And finally using TMPEGEnc Plus I reencode
    the HUGE vid file to mpeg1 to compress the file size

    And here is the result of my work


    Let me know what you think about it ^_^

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