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  • Member: J.Alana
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: RE-edit-Bardock-There Goes My Hero
  • Premiered: 2003-01-27
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  • Song:
    • Foo Fighters There Goes My Hero
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  • Comments: One day one of my friends said "J, you know what you should upload to AMV. org...Bardock!" It's funny when you go through the list and say let me upload this vid or that miss some of the good ones.

    There's an interesting story with this vid. Let me explain because you will watch the first part of it and say "Huh? Is J.Alana retiring?" Let me assure you, NO WAY! But here's the explanation of the credits with the vid. In case you guys are wondering.

    Here's how our Behind the Video story begins....

    Once upon a time, J.Alana thought about giving up making AMV's because my schedule was hectic, my life was crazy, I thought I was way too old to be doing this and I wasn't into making them as much as I used to be. I also felt that I couldn't get them out to as many people as I'd liked without a website. Plus my ISP had capped my butt after sharing vids on MX. After careful deliberation. I decided it was time to call it quits. I called my partner Pacman121 and said "Pac, I want to retire." and to my amazement, Pac did too. So on January 29, 2003 we held the last weekend run and featured the Final (supposedly) Video from J.Alana which was a re-edit of one of my best vids ever "Bardock There Goes My Hero." I used DVD quality for the vid, boosted the soundtrack with Dolby 5.1 and it took me over two and a half weeks to do.

    Then it was goodbye to J.Alana, Pacman121 and J&P. I figured "Okay, fun while it lasted." Well a funny thing happened.

    After checking my Hotmail, I received numerous emails with the heading "J&PAC don't quit" or "Don't Leave Us." or "Stay J!" I also noticed a lot of Tribute vids to both Pac and I from a lot of fellow vid creators like Bluntman, Krillin the Villlian, Dark Majin Vegeta and so on. Plus, I was receiving numerous messages from kazaa on the subject when the news hit there.

    So, on Feburary 27, 2003 I premiered "I WON'T BACK DOWN!" with a credit ending that said "J.ALANA & PACMAN121 HAVE RETURNED....RETIRE? HELL NO!" We meant it. We were committed to doing vids with only the best quality, sound and direction so that we would never be accused of just making vids "for the hell of it." We also did it because we felt we had a personal commitment, unspoken, to our fans who deserved to see great vids from us. Fans who we now refer to as friends. That's why in vids from earlier 2003, you see the phrase "Retire Hell NO." or "The Pac is back!"

    I eventually was going to re-edit the Re-edit to cut out the credit where it says "Final video from J.Alana." but didn't. I figured...ah, keep 'em guessin'

    Now here's the story on the video.

    One of my favorite DBZ movies is "Bardock: Father of Goku." I wanted to do a vid for the longest time about Bardock because I feel he is such a strong character in terms of development to the DBZ Story in general. I also like how he tried to fight an unstoppable, unwinninable battle against Freiza showing how strong his heart was.

    When the song "There Goes My Hero" was playing on the radio, I began to get a mental picture of the video from start to finish. The first video took about a week to do on February 25, 2002. The Re-edit took two weeks. I started it on January 4, 2003 and finished on January 25, 2003. I have to say I was extremely pleased with the re-edit as I perfromed a few new tricks in this vid I hadn't tried before.

    So I hope you enjoy a video that I personally believe is the best I have ever done. I've also made this vid into MPEG format from the orignal WMV so that anyone could play this video on either a MAC or PC or DVD! It rocks in full screen. I've got a 31 inch tv and its great to see this vid on the big screen. Its even better on my friend's 51 inch plasma screen! Woo hoo!

    Thanks. See ya on the next vid.

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