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  • Member: Tenjou
  • Studio: Shapeshifter Studios
  • Title: MCAS Teaser
  • Premiered: 2003-08-03
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    • Lunatic Calm Leave You Far Behind
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  • Comments: This video is a teaser/trailer for the anime that the Marist College Anime Society, founded by the creator of StealthVisions, will be showing next semester. The only one I couldn't fit in was 3x3 Eyes because our current President didn't give it to me in time. :P

    So it's just meant to psych up our audience for the next semester. And hey, if it's fun for other people in the meantime, great by me. Maybe other people can use it to get people excited about anime too. There aren't any big spoilers because I used the first episode of them all except Blue Gender and there wasn't anything majorly spoiling as far as I know.. and if there was then I missed it because I've never seen Blue Gender.

    Comments are still generally appreciated.

    Take care all.

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