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  • Member: ProfRhythm
  • Title: The Face
  • Premiered: 2001-08-10
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    • Linkin Park With You
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  • Comments: APRIL 6th, 2003 - One Year To the Day Since This Video Was Taken Down

    By the power of the Dangling Carrot, this video is now available once more! (Or at least it will be as soon as I can figure out why FTP keeps dying on me.) Of course, I reccomend the Subtitle-Free edition over this, but if you prefer the slightly higher video quality and don't mind Mandarin subtitles, this version is available for completeness' sake.


    This was inspired by watching OtakuVengeance's excellent music video about Trunks (I highly reccomend that one to all of you out there!) right before catching "Return of the Joker" for the first time.

    Basically, the thought that ocurred to me was that the Joker's face held a promise for every character in the movie. To Bruce and Barbra, it promises danger. To Tim, it promises madness. To Terry, it promises challenge. To the people, it promises fear. To the Jokerz, it promises power. And so on and so forth. To that end, I began work on this video, which sort of turned out to be a summary of the movie in song. Things fell together much better than I had ever hoped. I tried to focus on the Joker, both his face and his deeds, as much as possible, or at least as much as was appropriate. Because that's what this is really about: The Joker. Because that's what the movie is really about: The Joker. And that's what fits with the chorus: The Joker. And that's who's voiced by Mark Hammil even if I still for the life of me can't see that voice coming out of Luke's mouth: The Joker.

    WARNING: This video contains footage from the unedited version of the movie, which Warner Brothers thinks is evil and should never be shown to the public, so you watch at your own risk of being horribly disfigured by the scenes within. Some execs in Burbank think small children should not see this as it has death in an action movie, so doubly make sure nobody young enough to actually watch the TV show is around.

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