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  • Member: J.Alana
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: Bulma to Vegeta - Hero
  • Premiered: 2003-08-01
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    • enrique iglesias hero
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  • Comments: Its finally up! Sorry I took so long because this was made for Pacs wife to Pac. I wanted him to see it first. First up I will tell you it bears a striking resemblence to All Because of You in some scenes. Secondly, its serously filled with romance and lovey dovery crap so MALE viewers this vid is not for you. This vid is us LADIES who like a good romance. lol. Enjoy.

    Here's a vid that I decided to do when I read a really great fanfic while I was surfing on the net after work. The name of the fic was called "The Dance." The plot of the story was Vegeta never asked Bulma to dance and then finally does in a "unique" way. I got the idea from the video in the second chapter when supposedly the couple is listening to Enrique Iglesias' song "Hero." It wasn't the story itself that inspired me to make the vid, it was the fact of the instances the characters think about during that section while the song is playing. So one night when I had a little time to do stuff, I put together this vid

    I will tell you that for the MALE fans out will puke. This vid is for the FEMALE fans specifically. That's right guys its the lovey dovey crap that you boys just love to hate. Being that I myself am a female, I guess you can say there is that romantic side to me. So MALE fans I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT if you hate the video. Like I said this is a Ladies Only video. Made for the Ladies by a Lady. I also have to give specail thanks to Gwendy for letting me use her artwork of Vegeta and Bulma in this video. Thanks again Gwendy.

    I also did this video for my best friend who is the wife of Pacman121. While Pac is away, she misses him and asked me to do this vid for her. I also dedicated it to US and British Soldiers currently serving in Iraq a couple of which who love AMV's.

    Hope you enjoy.

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