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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Donut Hole productons
  • Title: Spike vs Vash trailer
  • Premiered: 2003-08-01
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    • New Line Cinema Freddy vs Jason trailer
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This video was a pain in the ass to edit. It took me almost over a week to do this. Sure its short as hell but short videos are harder then normal videos. Any ways this is my trailer for Spike vs Vash which is a parody of the Freedy vs Jason trailer. Also this video is to premote the other two Vash vs Spike amvs the one with Tainted Donuts and the one by Great Wang. The Spike vs Vash image i made was used with adobe photoshop. It didnt come out the way i intended it mainly because the image was two small and there wasnt large enough. I even recorded my own voice for the Spike vs Vash which really sucks because i cant do voice overs worth crap. And my microphone sucks ass too which is not a real big help. But i had a lot of fun toying with this vid. Even though i had a tough time with the image id like to thank those who id drove every one in the general video forum nuts with my lack of knowledge. you know who you are.


    Spike is the one saying "Why wont you die!"

    and there is no such thing as that was just a parody of the site. at the end of the actual trailer.

    the year might be wrong for Bebop but i think its the US release but oh well

    the evil vs evil dosent make sense but i found it humorus but Spike and Vash arnt really evil though.

    i decided to keep it in wmv because the mpeg version didnt bring out the quality i wanted it to so i put it in high wmv quality that was even better then my mpeg version.

    and yes i know my voice sucks.

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