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  • Member: lilgumba
  • Title: The Big Test
  • Premiered: 2003-07-31
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    • Evanescence Anywhere
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  • Comments: The purpose of this video was to test out some of the special effects. It is something that I need to focus upon more if I want to learn most things about making AMVs.

    Anyway, this video is VERY SHORT! It's only 44 seconds long. I took the music from the very end of Evanescence's "Anywhere."

    The video basically focuses on how Roger Smith and R. Dorthy (from The Big O) need each other. The music starts with just the guy singing. Because of this, I wanted to focus on Roger being alone. Dorthy is not introduced until the girl starts singing.

    Be warned again this is a very short video because the music is short and pretty abrupt.

    I would like some opinions on this video because I want to see if I used some of the techniques correctly. If that happens I might incorporate them in future AMVs. Thank you for taking a look at this video.


    I just found out that the version of the song I used is also in another of Evanescence's songs called "Where Will You Go." The version in this short AMV is more acapella than the version at the end of "Where Will You Go." It was added to "Anywhere" at the end of the version though. (I don't know why.) As of right now it is still listed under "Anywhere." It is also "Where Will You Go" but it is a different version.

    On a side note, since there is more of the song I sort of used I can possibly continue this video as many of you who have seen this already requested. It cannot be completed until I buy all of the Big O dvds. (Yes I must wait for season 2) There is hope now!

    Sorry for the confusion.


    I am in the works of making a longer semi part two of this video. I will have to finish one project first. I haven't decided but this one might be the entry for ACen 05. Be on the look out for journal updates. (It's the project "I want to do.")

    Update again
    I got sidetracked from this entry being in ACen 05 to another. I'll do it later.

    Any questions or comments about this video please send me a PM.

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