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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Title: "Knockin' On Love's Door"
  • Premiered: 2003-07-26
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    • John Mayer Not Myself
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  • Comments: ENTERED IN AWA, BEGINEERS CONTEST 03'! (Contest results not final yet)

    Yes indeed, this is one of the most action packed video's I've done... Infact I think it is THE most action packed video I've ever done.. and yet.. like everything else in my video librarey it isn't the same ol', same ol'.

    This video focous' more on the relationship between the three main characters (Spike, Vincent, and... uhh the chick).

    Also I'd like to state... That it does infact make it seem like shes with spike this WAS on purpose.. this is not just a mistake I made.

    I tried to portray that the women had to make a choice between spike and vincent... and in that choice where deadly results... The video ends slightly diffrent than the anime in the spec that... It never does tell you weather or not the girl ends up with spike, but it forces you to belive that she does... because she loved spike more than she did vincent... that's atleast how i wanted it to be seen.

    While I chould have pushed it more... I also wanted to do an action video... soooo It's like a very thick mix of Action and Romance... in other words, you chould probably tell the characters have something going on in their heads, but its not told right out. Which might have been a big mistake...

    Now this is version 2 i was going to release this at AWA but I decided I REALLY did not think it was good enough to be shown infront of that many people.

    I'll let you guys decide what you think of it, I really hope you enjoy it.

    And i'd like to state, all the parts in the begining that are so long, are there for a specific reason, to build up to when Spike gets shot, it was ment like that..

    First things attempted:
    This is my first Major focous on action in a video ever.
    Though the romance should have been pushed more, I think most of you will get the point of it.
    Lip syncing... Shivers... I'm trying to get better at lip syncing..

    AMD (10 GB hard drive, 128.0 RAM)

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