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  • Member: nexus-amvs
  • Studio: Dark Eye Studios
  • Title: Heartbreaker
  • Premiered: 2003-07-25
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  • Song:
    • Simple Plan Addicted
  • Anime:
  • Comments: THE MAKING

    I really loved making this video, i was trying to find a song to go with a Berserk video and came across this little diddy by Simple plan, and thought screw Berserk, it is about time i made a love hina video, and what better song then the one i used.


    I want to say that under category i just picked Character Profile, it is funny in some parts and it is sad in some parts as well, but i didn't empasize on any particular area, and keitaro's life is full of these ups and downs, which is why i did this, in case anyone was wondering. And also any lip syncing that is on time is purely coincidental.

    The video starts with a flash of the hina appartments, then keitaro having an outdoor bath, where he comes across a girl who gets in as well, and is absolutley captivated by her wink, so begins the addiction...

    After he seems to be thinking about her and wonders how he could ever get naru, when the song go's, "i'm a dick, i'm addicted to you." i wanted to show how superior naru is to him and how he feels about being out of his league.

    Next shows him trying his best to put his moves on her, with little if not, no results, so go's the addiction. He wants her even more now that he thinks he can't have her, and getting more and more frustrated at his failing attempts.

    He is being ignored by naru now and feeling worse then ever, after he tries and tries and fails with his stupidity and clumsiness, he contemplates if he should keep trying, if all this humiliation is worth it. After many thoughts, the child within him takes a stand, and decides that even if there is some bumps in the road, the destination is deffinately worth it, the addiction go's on...

    Nearing the end, it seems a bit lighter and maybe a little less serious (like the start), and the next couple of times the song go's "heartbreaker, heartbreaker" naru and him are kind of playing around, as if she is saying that she doesn't care that he is a clutz, and after some more scenes through the love of keitaro's eyes, it appears as if his attempts were not in vain, as she leans in and kisses him, and what seems like a perfect moment, is ended by the heartbreaker running away.


    Heartbreaker came second which i think is awesome. AVCon was awesome, deffinately going back next year, with some new videos. When Struggle was playing i saw a couple people tapping there fingers and stuff, and then when Heartbreaker came on (which i like more) it seemed to get not as good of a reception, maybe i wasn't listening very hard, but like i said it came second. YAY!!

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