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  • Members: Radman, RoninT
  • Studio: Sunrise Studios
  • Title: Don`t Stop Believin` Chihiro! *remastered*
  • Premiered: 2003-06-22
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    • Journey Don`t Stop Believing
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  • Comments: This was my first video I made. I made a bjillion mistakes on this one, so I won`t even rate it. My first mistake was using Windows movie maker. I was ensnared by its easy-to-use interface and user friendliness (and my bro told me to use it so I would get it done faster in order to meet the deadline for FanimeCon). Granted the video and sound quality isn`t bad, but needless to say, the finished product`s quality was definitely below par for really good AMVs...err...even GOOD AMV's.

    Needless to say, its still an OK vid, and if you look past the quality, and bad timing due to Windows Movie Maker, and the reduced sound quality from making it an AVI, and etc. etc. etc... you just might like it.

    The original version of the video was made by my older brother (he and I created Sunrise Studios) at college during the fall-winter of `02. It was a really good video,but the footage was from a video rip he had got online (bleh). So, as my initiation into Sunrise Studios, I remastered his video, and entered it into FanimeCon, where it made semi-finals (hey, not bad for a Studio`s first video...I least it got seen by people!!!!)

    Well, now that this is gone and done, I go onto bigger and beter ideas (of my own!). This time, I think I`ll use Premiere ^^

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