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  • Member: Leanan
  • Studio: Babykitty Productions
  • Title: Video Girl Chii
  • Premiered: 2003-08-16
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Dave Matthews Band When the World Ends (Oakenfold Remix)
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well this is my little video that I've been working so long and hard on. It's to the music in the end credits of the Matrix Reloaded. I had to cut this song about 10-12 times in order to make it fit the way I wanted it to.

    The video actually began to an instrumental piece, but I quickly changed that. I heard this song, and knew it could fit. I really liked the lyrics. They're a very sexual/love type of thing. The music was great too, and I knew I could really time some great moments with it. I actually wanted to make the vid a bit more sensual due to the lyrics, but it didn't really happen.

    The concept started as home movies, but I quickly decided it would be pretty neat to kind of set this as a Video Girl Ai type thing. I wanted Chii to be a Video Girl instead of a Persecom. So I kind of ran with that. I took Video Girl Ai's concept and Chobits' footage, put them in a blender, and voila! This is what came of it. I came up with this idea sometime around May and I've been plugging away at it since. I'm a pretty slow editor and I would work on it when I felt inspired. Nothing has ever taken me this long before.

    warning: this video does contain some spoilers, though most of the story has been taken out of context.

    Video Notes:
    Anyone who has watched Chobits knows about the glowing scenes. I used quite a bit of them in this video. They're not washed out. That's how they were intended by the creator of the show. The last few eps of the show are very dark. There's a lot of white in these scenes, and unfortunately there's not much I could do about it.

    Also I tried really hard to match up background sounds in the song with what they could possibly go with in the anime. (ie: explosion, when the tv is glowing, etc.) None of these sounds were added in by me.

    Also forget what you know about Chobits.

    Video SPOILER Notes:

    I hope people get this video. I'm afraid people will be like "what was that?". Generally it doesn't stay true to the Ai story at all. I didn't really want it to. Basically Hideki goes in a shop, purchases a "Video Girl" dvd. For my story it's basically an interactive dvd :D He is kind of brought into Chii's world where there are enemies who try to keep them apart. In the end though we see that Hideki was kind of part of the video all the time. Like a video inside a video.


    Well enjoy the video.

    Thanks to those who watched betas and gave general advice or listening to me go on about this video endlessly. Much Love.

    Note: I can't believe that with all the videos done to Dave Matthews Band, that no one knew how to spell the band name right. It was either Dave Mathews Band, or Dave Matthews. So I added Dave Matthews Band. As of this date (7-19-03), no one has used this song, either.

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