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  • Member: RedFusionX
  • Studio: Red Fusion X Studios
  • Title: Stardust Hero
  • Premiered: 2003-07-15
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    • Chad Kroeger Hero
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  • Comments: Well, I have been watching Mobile Suit Gundam 0083, Stardust Memory for quite a while and it is always high on my mecha anime list. Of course when it comes to making AMVs, I am a little picky. I wanted to do an AMV to Stardust Memory, but I could never find the song.
    Well, my buddy Chris (KeyRis) Read came by and he had just bought Spiderman and we watched it, and when I heard the song, Hero, sung by Chad Kroeger, was perfect. Of course there are so many problems when my computer has a small hard drive.
    Well, recently I aquired a new one and I began work on the video, it focuses mainly on the character Kou Uraki, but it features the love that starts to develope between him and Nina Purpleton. At the same time I showed off the three gundams from the series, and I went to a great length to show off my favorite, the Dendrobium Stamen from the last two episodes.
    I hope that those who watch this vid, like it, but you can never tell with some, a lot of people are getting tired of gundam videos and I am probably contributing to those they are tired off.

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