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  • Member: risk one
  • Title: Who Am I?
  • Premiered: 2003-11-22
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    • Prokofiev, Sergei Dance of the Knights - Romeo and Juliet
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    For all intents and purposes this is my first real video. The previous three were made with downloaded footage, no knowledge of codec use, a lousy editing attitude and about 8 hours of effort a piece.

    This video actually started about two/three years ago, when I first discovered premiere (even before the crappy videos), as my first video. I never made it past the first ten seconds, because I had mp3 as source audio and divx as source video, so everything kept crashing. I then moved on to other videos, deciding that I would use GitS (my all-time favorite anime) when I had gotten a little more experience. Three videos later I discovered the org, read the guides and decided to do the GitS video properly. It then took me a while to get a dvd player, I tried a honneamise video, which I had to abort, I finally obtained a GitS disc and about half a year ago, I set of making the video.
    Half a year seems a long time for a video, but considering that I probably spent less than an hour a week on average, it's not so bad.
    Finally I got to that point where you're not sure wether change will improve your video or make it worse, and I decided to release.

    I've gotten some pretty decent opinions I think. It's not perfect and by now, I do see some things that I should have done differently. Nevertheless I think it's worth the download.


    The anime is Ghost in the Shell, well known (perhaps too much so), needs no introduction.
    WARNING: I did use the splattery-blowy-uppy thing when Kusanagi shoots the diplomat, so it has about 5 frames of gore. If you're a kid, go ask your parents. (However if you examine the frames closely you can see it's actually not a human body but a cyborg one, so it's a little less disturbing, maybe)

    Audio is the lovely "Dance of the Knights" from Prokofievs adaptation of Romeo and Juliet (I think it's a ballet, but I'm not sure). It's also overused, but it's apparently a first on the org, which is nice.

    Technical stuff:

    Codec is XviD, played back in divx, so you'll have to endure that damn DivX logo.

    You might spot some interlacing artifacts, specially in the motion. Don't blame me, blame those dear-to-my-heart friends of humanity that converted this disc ntsc into a 30 euro pal one. After hours and hours of fiddling with the settings on the decomb filter I finally decided to look at the fields separately and discovered the ghosting was actually present on the fields. So yes, after hours of tedious nerve wrecking agonizing desperation I found that Telecide() was the best option.

    I will of course be happy to take the blame for any other criticism available.

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