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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Title: Flight to nowhere
  • Premiered: 2003-07-13
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  • Song:
    • Mighty Mighty Bosstones The Impression That I Get
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  • Comments: Knock on wood: Meaning to Wish for luck, or to knock on a board, in this case, to wish for luck.


    "I wanted to make the video look like kanda was never really sure of himself, and that he just wanted to be sure of himself, (and the fact that almost EVERY akira music video ever made has tetsuo as the start) it's about kanada never being able to really think of himself as being the big STAR if you will, he's lways had to take the back seat to tetsuo and the girl (i forgot her name :P) but if you'll notice every place has its own minute, tetsuo is minute 1 the girl is 2 and kanada finishes it up and everyone meets at the end of 3 and it comes to a close, i hope that clears up SOME wonders you had about it. enjoy it"

    This was started when a friend pointed a song out to me called "the impressions that i get", While I loved the song alot (and i mean ALOT) I could'nt think of a project for it, and hence it got put on the back burner untill I could think of one.

    Well it was about two months ago that I got a dvd called Akira, and I'm like "WOW THIS IS A GREAT ANIME!" and once again I'm screwed because all the songs I could think of to do a video with it, where either already done, or just wouldnt fit... and I of course being the one who wants to actually be orignal would NOT make a video to korn or some shit like Linkin park, so once again that got put on the back burner...

    Untill 3 weeks ago, my friend said he wanted to make an Akira video to Limp Bizket.. I of course smacked some sense into him and told him not to (I think he's working on a dragonballz video now, wonderfull ~_~;;), so It got me to start thinking about Ideas for akira that hadnt been done and that would actually be fun, not just a lazy action video with tons of blood.

    So I'm sitting in my kitchen thinking about what to do, and watching the digimon movie, and "Impressions that i get" starts playing.. SUDDENLY like a bolt of lighting threw my freakin' brain, I'm thinking Kanada!

    So what we have here is a video actually dedicated to kanada (because i fucking hate tetsuo), if you notice the video is about kanada never having to Wish for luck (knock on wood) because he doesnt need it, and while everyone else around him is having to take charge, he doesnt. he's the light hearted one, he's like me ^_~.

    I really enjoyed making this video, it took around 2 weeks to complete and I really just enjoyed every moment of it. I hope you like it, and please submit reviews if you could.

    Equipment used,
    Computer (AMD 500MHZ, 512 Ram, Pioneer DVD rom, 10GB hard drive)
    Adobe 6.0
    DVD decrypter (and pretty much everything from DOOM9, thank you guys)
    Virtual Dub 1.4
    PSX:MC (for ripping of the music cd)

    Stuff used,
    Digimon Sound Track Compact Disc (track 7, The mighty mighty bosstones, "Impressions that i get"
    Akira DVD

    Food comsumed,
    Tons of soda
    To much to remember, although I now have a permant caffienne high

    Dedicated to: Christain Vanausdeln, and Paul Gay.

    Special thanks: all you people at rock, my girlfriend marytza of course, my mom for not kicking me off the computer ^_^;; and pretty much all my friends for not hitting me when i started humming that song "small world" every fucking day.

    Thats all just enjoy, and thank you.

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