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  • Members: J.Alana, Pacman121
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: DBZ Music Video-Re-Edit-Vegeta Tribute-Garth Brooks-The Dance for Pacman121
  • Premiered: 2003-07-13
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    • Garth Brooks The Dance
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  • Comments: In March 2002, my partner and my friend, Pacman121, made a Vegeta Tribute to Garth Brooks' song The Dance. The video showed the life of Vegeta from his first arrival on Earth to DBGT. What was unique about the video was that it was done entirely with still pictures, no actual video.

    A year later, since Pac is going away for a while, I decided now that I have the ability to do it, I would re-edit his Vegeta Tribute-Garth Brooks' The Dance video. The video however does not go into GT like the original did and it has been done with moving video instead of pictures.

    When I showed it to Pac he was truly moved by this video and I hope you will be too.

    Please enjoy

    DBZ Music Video-Re-edit-Vegeta Tribute-Garth Brooks' The Dance for Pacman121

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