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  • Member: ck25
  • Studio: A C.K. Idea
  • Title: Disturbing Behavior
  • Premiered: 2003-07-13
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  • Song:
    • Less Than Jake I Think I Love You
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Alright then...not a whole lot to explain I guess, just that if you're a Fruits Basket fan or a fan of excessive violence in romance, then this would be the video for you. A nice way to showcase Kagura x Kyo (since I hadn't seen any videos that were focused specifically on them before). And for anyone who's seen the show before, you all know that what Kagura and Kyo have isn't exactly normal in the "flowers and candy" sense as much as it's rooted in punching, kicking, and occasional near death sequences...

    I guess it all just kinda fell together once I heard the song on my playlist...Less Than Jake's version of "I Think I Love You" suddenly seemed like the perfect way to convey love in two people who are obviously funny to watch...One new thing I did try in this video was to lip sync every so often...not to an insane degree where everything is timed perfectly, but just enough to get the point across (although I'm sure someone may not find it perfect...believe me, it's nowhere near that)...

    The only important note to really get out of the way is that if you're watching this video in Quicktime, please make sure that the music fits correctly...for some reason I've had the music actually jump ahead a second or two, but only when watching for the first seems to correct itself afterwards...and yes, the music is supposed to fit the action going on in the video. A lot of the scenes have been placed in an order to be timed with the music so just please make sure that it goes together on your computer as it does mine (if you want to enjoy it, of course :D)...

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