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  • Member: RajinIII
  • Title: Poetry_Of_The_Heavens
  • Premiered: 2003-07-11
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    • Sting Desert Rose
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  • Comments: This video is phenomonal! Ive seen a lot of other FF8 videos, and most of them have the same base to it. This one is totaly different. I use footage that ive never seen used in a video before. But this video is made to paint vivid images, images that the song dictates. I found that most of them are compatable, like Sting sais, "I dream of gardens in the desert sand" And I show that clip from the intro where the desert turns into that endless field of roses.

    Aside from the images, I show the relationships between the characters. At the begining it is beteen Edea and Rinoa, then Squall and Rinoa, then Squall and Seifer, and at the end I was running out of footage so I just threw in a bunch of awesome effects and made it look cool.

    Before you download it look at the lyrics of the song.

    Dont blink or you'll miss something. Some of this stuff rolls pretty fast. Dont make the size any bigger while you are watching it or it will get choppy. Its not my fault.


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