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  • Member: LightningCountX
  • Studio: LightningCountX Productions
  • Title: Akira - Did My Time(Tetsuo Tribute)
  • Premiered: 2003-07-09
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  • Song:
    • Korn Did My Time
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  • Comments: My First Akira video....This one is a Tribute to Tetsuo, to the new Korn Song I Did My Time. This is an awesome video guys, and I hope you enjoy this one....

    ****Technical Difficulites****

    Once again, this video has strange colors on Winamp 3(Everything is blue.....)So use Winamp 2.91, cause its the only media player it works on, and i hear it works on adobe, lol.(Kinda looks cool with 3 though...)Also, sometimes at 1:32, there is a blip of black....I dunno wtf is up with that, it comes up sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. So if you leave an op, dont talk about it please....

    ****Software Used****

    Windows Movie Maker 2.0
    Winamp 2.91
    TMPG Coverter

    Btw....Paulo, I had to use Motion for my intro, such a hot song! lol. Also, opinions would be very gratful, and the favor will be returned also....

    ****Link for Winamp 2.91 Free Download****;$sessionid$JCROZ45CPCSKTTN241HBCZI

    ****Link For BSPlayer Free Download****

    Thanks to Arigatomyna for the link.

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