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  • Member: J.Alana
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: SSJ4 Goku vs. Bebi Vegeta: Showdown
  • Premiered: 2002-02-20
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    • Puddle of Mudd Blurry
  • Anime:
  • Comments: "ShowDown" was a unique video for me to do because 1) it was a GT video, no one had been doing GT videos yet really, and this was one of the first true videos involving scenes from GT specifically. 2) I was experimenting with sound actually in the video. After trial and error with both Adobe and Moviemaker and making the sound so it was more a background effect I succeeded. 3) It is emotional to its core.

    Some people have asked if this was supposed to be about Goku and Vegeta. The answer is no, its about Goku fighting for the love of his planet Earth and trying to prevent the evil Bebi from destroying his beloved home, even if it means he has to kill his friend Vegeta in the process.

    Showdown when it debuted on Morpheus and Winmx was one of J&P's top downloads, remaining in our top ten download count, and continuing to do so a year later. Currently it ranks as number 8.

    We hope that when the re-edit airs later this year, it will be just as popular if not better then the original. Case in point, my partner Pacman121 "aka Pac" is doing the re-edit. I can't wait to see what he has in store for me...I'm positive its going to be better then the original.

    Enjoy Showdown.

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