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  • Members: nkode, LuluandAuron
  • Studio: NKode
  • Title: Xenogears - Aerials
  • Premiered: 2003-07-04
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  • Song:
    • System of a Down Aerials
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  • Comments: My first NKode video and one of my most favorite games. Because the storyline is so intricate, song choice to me was very imporant. However, up to this point I hadn't heard much newer music. So I spent weeks reading lyrics and checking for the right song to portray at least a portion of this storyline. I found Aerials reading through SOD lyrics and at that time I didn't evn know they did Chop Suey.
    The first time I heard the song, I knew this was the one for Xenogears. To me, it had the right feel, beat, lyrics, ups and downs.

    So then it was onto editing and being my submition to get into NKode, I was terribly nervous. I remember sending in the first minute and ZeUs said something like, 'I see what you're trying to do with it, but it's not there. Start over.' I was devistated, but it was also why I wanted to join NKode, I knew they would push me to become a better editor and if I sucked, they'd tell me. So it was back to the drawing board for me. The second time through was much better, but when I sent it in for submission, I paced the floor, I was so nervous. Well it passed through all four head members for a release and I knew my days of LP and DBZ were over.


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