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  • Member: poolfan
  • Studio: Takumi's Shrine
  • Title: Flaming Brothers
  • Premiered: 2001-07-18
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    • Therion The Invincible
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  • Comments: [Update 31/03/2003]
    Thanks to Phade and the Dangling Carrot, there's now a LOCAL link to this video

    [Update 13/02/2003]
    Its been a while since i update any of my videos' info but here goes

    The first indirect link goes to Simperson's website. Speed is fast but there is a download limit which means you prob wun be successful the first time
    (Thanx to Simperson ( for hosting this vid )

    This is a really risky experiment by me, using music of such genre which I came across by accident! I was looking for a song for this video and downloaded quite a number of songs with the words flame or fire in the song title. I was about to use the song 'Flames of revenge' By RHAPSODY when I came across this song in audiogalaxy which I though was the song Invincible by Pat Benetar...anyway you got the idea.
    I love Flame of Recca so much and I swore not to do another Kenshin vid (just yet) so here we are, with this gothic, chanting type of music which I surprisingly found good. I didn't really stuck to the lyrics in this vid coz I tot nobody could ever understand what they were singing, maybe only the part where they were chanting "The invincible..the invincible...."

    The idea of 'Flaming brothers' came to me cos it is just so fitting...two brothers who use flames and hate each other to the core. So this is the story of 2 brothers. I started with some history of Kurei and Recca; (kurenai, the time travel thingy and stuff of 400 years back) and the rest is just some intense sibling rivalry ..hmmm...that, is some understatement. So, if the thought of 2 brothers fighting each other to the death sickens you, don't watch this AMV.

    There are no real spoilers in this vid, maybe just some special fighting scenes. Those who watched the series will know the REAL spoilers come in the last 10 min of the series...such as Kurei's true flame, the second kurei etc...hmm (am I revealing too much already ??)

    Anyway I'm really pleased with this vid which I spent nearly 40 hours in total on it. I managed to get rid of the irritating de-interlacing effect which bugged my Mortal Kombat video as well as compressing it to a rather small size without affecting the quality of encoding too much. I used pure VCD footage for this video.
    This is also my first attempt at digital FX which I felt was (ahem) pretty decent (and i made sure i didn't overdo it).

    P.S: OK, so there are a few frames of nudity (if you dun mind)

    Oh shit...i have commited a great sin. I forgot to add the credits of Therion and the song The Invincible in my video. To make up for it: here's a link to their


    Though i discovered the song by accident , I'm really impressed with their ability to mix classical folklore with heavy guitars.
    The lyrics

    The blaze of northern light
    Reflect the dawn of Gods
    Of ancient Pantheons
    Who rest no more in peace

    Faith of the Old, the strong one from above:
    The Invincible

    All the Gods of the sky and the earth
    proclaim this today, this day
    See the signs in the day and the nigh
    Foretell the one, the one

    Open up the Runa and belief of the strong and the brave
    Open up! Let the Gods of tmYOUR heart and your soul show the way

    The eye of the night one
    have seen the dawn of Gods
    In the well of Mimer
    (And) trough the flight of Ravens
    :) Now you see why i didn't bother with the lyrics. Anyone who can find clips to sync with these lyrics must be ..insane !!!!

    P.S Also special thanks to Pop'ndeth and the BAMVC for hosting this video as well . Pop'ndeth and BAMVC are AMV creators who are offering fellow web creators diskspace to host their AMVs.
    Thanx to Simperson ( for hosting this vid as well.
    The indirect link goes to simperson's website (vids are listed in order of anime )

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