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  • Member: Xoninmuoshda
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Pain and Suffering
  • Premiered: 2003-07-03
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    • E.S. Posthumus Tikal
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  • Comments: I finished just after my Evangelion Trailer. About 5 days after. You may think This video is rushed...but you were wrong. I spent a total of about 17-18 hours total ripping, scripting, editing, fixing problems, and encoding. It may not seem like much but I made it happen. This video Is 6x better than spriggan and 4x better than Evangelion. (Yes I just randomly made that last sentance up ^_^).

    There is a story in this video If you can see it. Mostly the people that have seen this anime before will understand what's going on and what is happening in the characters' minds as they appear in this video. For those of you that havn't seen the anime yet (Escaflowne: The Movie) I suggest you don't watch It cuz there are a few spoilers, and most likely you wouldn't understand what is going on.

    When I saw the movie, I was suprised how much blood I saw. I mean, It wasn't too much to be terribly bad but it seemed too much for a PG-13 movie. But if you don't like seeing blood or it makes you squimish, this video has some blood. Just to let you know so you don't bitch at me later.


    I have four versions of this video:

    Slightly Widescreen 480x256 (not as much as the other version ~_^ - Xvid) 36,400

    Not Available:
    Widescreen 480x240 (Xvid) 35,890 kb 3500 kbps
    Small 352x240 (Xvid) 29,800 kb 3500 kbps
    Small 352x240 (DivX) 29,200 kb 3000 kbps


    For the DivX version you need 5.0.2 or higher


    For the Xvid versions version will do...and I only think there is one version so it doesnt matter. ^_^


    I'll say this again...THERE ARE SPOILERS *CAUTION* more thing...Enjoy the video and feel free to submit an opinion ^_^

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