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  • Member: tallgeese
  • Title: One Mans Destiny
  • Premiered: 2003-07-01
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    • Braveheart End of movie
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  • Comments: Okay really this video was made printed and on a website a long time ago. But hey this is its first big step into the limelight as far as a full fledged premier go's. The song is definately something new for a lot of people. Its an Instrumental. (I like doing different types of songs then the norm.) Its a character profile to....ah I will let you guess it in your opinions. Editing time was well over 6 months. Although I admit it only took so long because it was my first actual video using DVD & VHS sources. I had to put a lot of work in it at some parts to get it to work. Basically a video that I tried a lot of new stuff out on and whalla an interesting video that will keep EVERYBODY watching it.

    Note to the watcher:
    I like doing vid's with a hidden plot. This one was no exception. The moral(s) behind this video is that One Mans Destiny can have a drimatic cause and effect on everything & everyone. The question is can you figure out who this video is devoted to? It definately keeps your mind moving while you watch the video. Thats why I like it....

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