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  • Member: tallgeese
  • Title: Enter The Wanderer
  • Premiered: 2003-04-27
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  • Comments: Another Plain Fun Video by yours trully. This time I decided to go more formal and use a Linkin Park Song...the cool thing is its not the 'A typical' Linkin Park Song/video.

    Notes for the video:
    Okay it didnt take any longer then a day to create. But when the song is just over a minute. (And I wasnt in the mood for fine tuning.) You cant help but creating it so fast. Inspiration for the video came to me out of an urge to make a video using something different. I believe Rurouni Kenshin offered that. But my clips were limited...lucky me I bumped into some off Kazaa. Only the first episode though. The quality of it wasnt sharp but satisfactory to many of the other Episodes I have downloaded since. The subs are okay in the video I tried to make them fit at the beginning and the end. The rest was beyond me so I just went with the flow from the song. This wasnt supposed to be an amazing intriquing video. But rather a teaser or trailer to the actual thing. I tried to depict the first episode (and the whole five episodes I had seen at that time.) and put it into a video that would introduce new fans to the manga. Anyway enough of my blabbing and enjoy watching this neat little video!!!!!!

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