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  • Member: Changelling
  • Studio: Ellines Nakama Productions
  • Title: Si(G)ns of an Angel
  • Premiered: 2014-08-18
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  • Song:
    • Theory of a Deadman Angel
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  • Comments: This is my entry for the 6th edition of Eden Team's Stylize event, or lets say STYLIZE 6TH IMPACT!!

    This IC event is easily my favorite due to how the guys from Eden Team keep on bringing new interesting ways of hosting ICs every time, and the song pack is just extra ordinary.

    So I pulled this off in 3 days which shows how much I love this particular event. Aside from the alternative story I did not really try hard on the technical aspect. But I hope you guys will enjoy!

    The story evolves around an angel that is in love with a human girl (Re-l), and being connected to a person from the human realm is absolutely forbidden for angels.
    At an early stage that is only presented as a flashback here, he appears to Re-l in his angel form, and she is terrified by his appearance to an extent that she vows to hunt this being down. In the meantime the angel possesses the body of Vincent Law, a man who Re-l is in love with, but is forced to take into custody for being accused of murder. In an attempt of escape from Vincent's side he is actually caught and banished from the higher grounds that he used to live in. Re-l follows him down to slums just to see it being attacked by bandits, and Vincent about to fall from a cliff. She rushes to his aid, holds his hand but the fall is inevitable. Vincent falls but due to the angel within him he wakes up unharmed, but Re-l's mental state forces her into a coma. Both Vincent and the angel weep for Re-l, but she stands up again and Vincent and her go back to the higher grounds where they are both sentenced to a life time in jail. at this stage the angel sees Re-l with him in a poor state, and while taking a look at Vincent's memories he goes berserk, destroying the entire prison as well an angel sent from heaven to exterminate him.
    The soul of Vincent Law struggles the possession of the angel, but its futile, the angel fully takes over, and Vincent's soul dies which causes Vincent's body to fully perish as well, and the angel appears in his true form in front of his love Re-l who recognizes him on an instant and tries to kill him when she misses and kills his enemy instead. At this stage Re-l attacks the angel head on, who on the other hand does not want to harm her, but with eyes full of tears he turns around and chooses to fight back when he realizes she will not back down, ending up in accidently killing her. Once she died the angel goes to the heavens to ask for her life back, but he is sentenced to eternal doom in hell. However, the angel does not stop there. He kills the guardian of the gates which causes them to open, and Re-l emerges out of it as a white angel. This reunion does not last long though. The angel's sentence still stands. He says his goodbyes and falls down to hell.
    Re-l is saddened but knows there is nothing she can do, and flies up to heaven.

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