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  • Member: WhereNext
  • Studio: Where Next Productions
  • Title: There's No Going Home Again
  • Premiered: 2003-07-01
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  • Song:
    • Yoko Kanno Green Bird
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  • Comments: Recently I had seen Voices of a Distant Star, and i thought this anime was so beautifully done, both in story and animation. So i wanted to try and make an equally beautiful AMV to it, and i think i did a pretty good job. I didn't want the beauty of the anime itself to be over taken with lots of effects, so there is only one sequence of effects in this vid, i think it will be pretty aparent to you what is the effect i did. I also did some ramping of the clips to make them move with the music. Anyway I hope you find this vid as beatuiful as i think it is. Also, there is a theme to this AMV but i went with alot of the symbolism of the anime so if you haven't seen it then you probably won't get alot of the theme part, but i feel it should be just as enjoyable either way.

    The only down side of working with this anime is that it is incredibly short, only about 23 minutes. There isn't really anything in this vid i would consider a spoiler, but since the anime is so short you will see alot of what i consider the most beautiful shots in the anime.

    As for the encoding, i know it is still a little large in filesize for the lenght of the video, but i am slowly but suely getting better at my encoding. Only spots in this amv that i think the capture or really the encoding was bad on at all are some of the shots containing rain, some turned out fine, but a couple turned out a little pixelated, but i would have needed to make the bitrate a fare amount higher to resolve this, so i left it the way it was, especially since they are short cuts. And the file is in Mpeg1 for your viewing convenience, which i also think is the file format i am going to stick with in the future.

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