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  • Member: MissTitannia
  • Studio: Ellines Nakama Productions
  • Title: Moonlight AMV
  • Premiered: 2014-03-03
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  • Song:
    • Broken Iris Beautiful Girl
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  • Comments: Hello everyone ^^
    This is my entry for Soul's Team IC: X-Burner Edition, which took place this weekend.
    It's a team event so I went with two amazing guys from my dear ENP:

    I did romance category, and as you can see it's my first solo crossover overall. It's not exactly as I wanted it, but oh well I can't expect too much of a 3 day vid xD

    Story is following Jintan, who is the main character, struggling between his past when he was in love with Menma who died when they were still kids, and the present when he is with his loving girlfriend Ichika. One night, Menma appears again followed by the appearance of the red moon. every night from then on, Jintan is going to be reminded of past and forced to either stay, or go chasing after his all-time love and join her in the endless time.

    I hope you liked it, and sorry for horrible song cuts, it sounded completely different in my Vegas, for whatever reason. :/

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