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  • Member: FinalSouls
  • Studio: Aphoic Virtuosity Studios
  • Title: Anime Idiots
  • Premiered: 2014-03-04
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  • Song:
    • Green Day American Idiot
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  • Comments: [WARNING: This Video Contains Blood Scenes And Brief Nudity]

     photo Image0_zpsef37ad7b.jpg

    I Thought it would be fun to add alittle mix into the song with a totally random anime just as Excel sagas .
    Which in my personal opinion I think it came out rather well.
    Ofcourse there someof my effect s that weren't all that great like fr example to the drawing paper effect I came to realize that I should have added more sketch and darken the the lines
    but the lines but with the school and work I just added as it well other than that
    I tried to make the clips flow good in with the song as much as I could possibly could
    so I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy making it . Because
    In my personal this one of the most amusing and ridiculous anime I have ever seen however it's still a fun anime to watch I highly Recommend it. If you like funny pointles comedy Futhermore I would like to add one thing I thin that the Mp4 Quailty isn't all that great i wish I could have fixed it up more brighty however at the time I didn't comprehend the MP4 features but In my other videos I manage to make it into HD with divx and mp4 i fiinally was able to fix it up sadly iy's too late for this video but that doesn't mean that it's at a dreadful level it's still pretty decent

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