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  • Member: YoKo-
  • Studio: Manual Artifact Productions
  • Title: I'm alone
  • Premiered: 2014-03-01
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  • Song:
    • Rob Dougan Im Not Driving Anymore
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    Hello there, here is something new from me! As it so coincided with the fact that a competition was nearing by I decided to act and here it is!

    I tried to tell the story from my perspective of what the characters had to go through, that they were alone, breaking relationships with one another here and there along the way till the very bitter end.

    [tech stuff]
    This AMV was 90% of the time produced in Adobe Premiere Pro. I used Adobe premiere to create the base and then insert it into AAE for the final touches. To encode it into Mp4 from Lossless I used Zargx which you can find on this useful files section.

    There was a possibility to make this 1080p, however, I decided that it was not necessary.

    Well, I do hope you will enjoy my AMV as I did making it.

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