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  • Member: Shadox-kun
  • Studio: Eden-Team
  • Title: [Shadox] Vibration
  • Premiered: 2013-11-15
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Culture Code Slow Burn
    • Seven Lions Days to Come
    • Seven Lions Days to Come (Culture Code remix)
    • Seven Lions Days to Come (Nesian remix)
    • Seven Lions Days to Come (Razihel remix)
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    1st Toulouse Game Show !

    Here we go ! Vibration is finally out in the aftermath of the Toulouse Game Show I finished the first rank !

    Why I chose "Vibration" as a name ? There are two reasons. The first is in relation to woobles Dubstep and the second is related to the anime.
    Do not you think some people will hide (which certainly will recognize) came to see me and made me the joke of the vibrator (you guys are geniuses, I fucking love you '-').
    Otherwise why I do "Vibration" ? At first it was not a clip meant for Toulouse Game Show but for AkrossCon 2012 and it had to be done in 1 week but due to time and Christmas holidays it was paused until today (1 Year later yes, but I have not opened Sony Vegas all day huh).
    What took me so long to finish it was : the music (and lazy so I admit). The last chorus was impossible to do with the scenes I had. So I was looking for remix music and me to have then passed in FL STUDIO 10 to rebalance the sound (since the transition was quite violent).
    So in the end this is a small clip that just want entertainment and not a real investment (but I am glad I came anyway, since the time that I want to show you my style in a music video).
    Anyway I 'm glad to have arrived first, I get somehow my due :P.

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