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  • Member: drewaconclusion
  • Studio: "It's a Trap!" Productions
  • Title: Superalloy
  • Premiered: 2013-10-18
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    • Rammstein Feuer Frei (Nais. remix)
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    NOTE: I'd recommend downloading the video and watching it that way. The streaming winds up making it look a bit blotchy.

    So a couple years back, I got the Gigantor box sets for my father. While we were watching a few episodes, he mentioned the idea that it'd be neat if I made a video using Gigantor. I agreed and told him I'd make one as soon as I found audio that I felt fit the show. I immediately began looking around for a song, but didn't really dig up anything that wasn't overused, so I put the video idea on the back burner. Cut to a few months ago, I came across this remix of Feuer Frei and thought it was just what I was looking for audio-wise.

    I started editing this back in June/July, but got sidetracked, put it down and wound up making another video during that time. I picked it back up in late August with the intention of sending it over to AWA, but I didn't wind up finishing it in time. I wound up getting it finished mid-September, which worked out nicely so that I could be there for its premiere at AAC.

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