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  • Member: Frostreturns
  • Studio: Shadow Line Studio
  • Title: The Dangan Massacre Project
  • Premiered: 2013-09-28
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Prince Ea Civil Rights Freestyle
    • Prince Ea Who Killed Hip-Hop?
  • Anime:
  • Comments:  photo Mah_zps62f6c93e.png

    This is quite surprising. After deciding on a project I wanted to do, I finally went to town on this AMV. It essentially follows the likes of Naegi spending much of his time trapped within a school that assembled some of the hottest rappers, freestylers and producers in the game. Together with his wits he was hellbent on finding out who the mastermind killing them and Hip-Hop was.

    Going over the accounts of the different students until he finally caught the likes of Junko at the end and she confronted the last remaining students and essentially lead them into a wasteland of abysmal hell that is the real world and leaving them as one of the handful of talented rappers left.

    Programs Used: Sony Vegas Pro 9 & Adobe After Effects CS4 + Photoshop CS4
    Hours Worked On: ...? (Lost count; but it took me about three days to do)
    Anime Used: Dangan Ronpa

    Extra Notes: 'Twas also interesting make because not alot people make hip-hop AMV's these days, so I figured I'd school 'em in that art and do something different. The outcome looks pretty dope to me so far, 'chu think?

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