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  • Member: GeneralGuyAmv
  • Title: Brinkmate R
  • Premiered: 2013-06-01
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    • Emiko Mizukami Amol
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  • Comments: A little remake of an amv I made for a contest made by amv-france (Online contest 2.0). I had to make an amv based on a theme...redemption. While browsing my anime, I decided to take a little risk not being too generic, to choose a pretty unknown anime that I enjoyed a lot to watch and that I wanted to spread a bit.

    I didn't wanted to add filter or fancy color thingy. I wanted the anime to stay at it's most "pure form" since anyway, I don't think anyone really knows about that anime. After seing Go by Ngsilver, I wanted to try synching a bit the same way. But, I'll tell you that, it was quite a challenge to keep a logic story, synch and rythm and im quite glad I've kept my initial theme and intention. The only regret I really have is not having used a bit crappy quality. From what I gathered, a lot of people agree to say the story is good, the anime looks repulsive with it's graphics and that the cut are a bit too violent...well, still sharing it!

    I really love shogi by the way! I sometime play in my spare times!

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