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  • Member: BladEra123
  • Title: Beyblade AMV - Hall of Fame
  • Premiered: 2013-09-04
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    • The Script Hall of fame
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  • Comments: An inspiring AMV I decided to make. This AMV shows that whether a Blader wins or loses in a battle, they are still a champion. Throughout the entire three seasons, there have been many defeats, rivalries and hatred; but there has been only one winner and all the credit goes to the winner for winning the battle, but this is not the case in Beyblading, Beyblading has no winners or losers, it's all about how determined the Blader is to grow stronger battle by battle, even if its presented in defeat.
    The story also carries out a deep message, everyone has faced defeat or loss once in life and it can be depressing at first, but as soon as we realize its positive side, we gain more energy from that loss. Defeat doesn't always mean giving up, if we get to realize its strength, it can be more inspiring for us to get stronger every time than victory can comfort us.

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