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  • Member: mewpudding101
  • Studio: Mizu no Kagami
  • Title: Kurapika x Neon - Snow Rain on the Holy Night
  • Premiered: 2013-09-01
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    • Kana Ueda Snow Rain [Ver Holy Night]
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  • Comments: My AMV about Kurapika and Neon! I know it's a strange couple, but I feel that Kurapika could have the ability to "save" her from her ideas that have been forced into her head by her horrible father... I tried very hard to make it as believable as possible, but there aren't that many clips with Neon! Most of the time she's sleeping! Anyway...

    The first two artworks that I colored are originally drawn by Rin Fujisawa. Please go visit her page on Pixiv! Make an account to access her work.

    The final picture I colored is from Pixiv artist Komatsu. Go visit her too! The picture is in a sketch collection, found here:

    Song: Snow Rain [Ver Holy Night]
    Artist: Ueda Kana (Neon's VA)

    This is a fan work, and not an official work. This is only used for art under the purpose of free use.

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