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  • Title: Promising Summer
  • Premiered: 2013-07-27
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  • Comments: "To Accept the World as Boring or Accept Oneself as Boring? Which is really more Agreeable? There's Bound to be some Amount of Ambiguity and Uncertainty."

    Promising Summer photo PromisingSummer_zpsb8624be1.jpg

    I lately feel as if my ideas are all bland and unoriginal... so this isn't really helping. Anyway the story behind this is pretty simple I took the first episode of 15 shows from the Summer '13 Season and mashed them up into this. This Season was pretty good it had some misses but with it came a couple of hits. You can check out most of these Shows on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Daisuki for "Free!"... get it?... Stupid Jokes Aside I guess I'll write a short opinion of each show here... Why?... Because Why The Hell Not?

    Monogatari Series: Second Season ★★★★½
    - As usual top-notch witty dialogue and interactions supplemented with great Voice-Acting and the likes as I've come to expect from this franchise. Perhaps the best entry in the already great Monogatari Series.

    Gin no Saji ★★★★
    - Great Adaptation of a Story by the brilliant mind that is Hiromu Arakawa as a fan of the source material I have no complaints it works on so many levels... this isn't a Battle Shounen though this is a Slice of Life/Comedy so don't go into this one expecting another FMA.

    Uchouten Kazoku ★★★½
    - This one probably flew under a bunch of radars. I picked it up after seeing P.A. Works was behind this one and found myself every Sunday refreshing Crunchyroll in anticipation for what would come next, Uchouten Kazoku is easily one of the best shows this season.

    Servant x Service ★★★½
    - What makes Servant x Service so great is the Characters, and the Interactions and Events that Unfold with said Characters, like Working! Its a well-written Comedy that you should check out. Hoping it eventually gets Another Season.

    Love Lab ★★★½
    - Great first Episode it kinda stutters afterwards till the Student Council gains all its members. The 5-way Interactions are beautiful and an absolute treat to watch making the rest of the ride a hugely hilarious entertaining thrill.

    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya ★★★½
    - If you're a Type-Moon Nut like me then you'll most likely enjoy it. Just know this isn't your typical T-M story... Still more Fate is always a good thing and it easily trumps Deen's shitty adaptation of the Fate Route... and UBW for that matter...

    Watamote! ★★★½
    - Though Its a Great Concept and it oftenly brought New Characters and Ideas to Change up the Stories. It felt kinda repetitive past Episode 8. Though it did have a great ending though and I would love to see more of Tomoko's antics.

    Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi ★★★
    - Great Setting... though the first arc is pretty average the stories that follow were all great (Goran Academy Arc not so much...) coupled with a great OST and Characters it makes up for the flaws... not entirely though.

    Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen ★★★
    - This is my first experience with Rozen Maiden and I must say despite often having some slow episodes it was still very enjoyable and since it ends with room for a sequel I am eagerly anticipating more of the Alice Game.

    Free! ★★★
    - Beautiful Animation and Sound... though the whole Rin/Haru ordeal that plagues the whole show kinda brings it down a bit. Still looking forward to watch the whatever comes next for the Iwatobi Swim Club... If you don't like KyoAni's typical fare don't expect anything different here.

    Danganronpa The Animation ★★½
    - Brought down by obvious time-constricts like Devil Survivor 2 a story of this length can't be done in as little as 12 episodes. Because of this the whole show suffers. Leaving little room for me to even give a f@ck for half the cast.

    Gatchaman Crowds ★★½
    - Enjoyable and easily the best Soundtrack this season Taku Iwasaki delivers... Unfortunately aside from Hajime half the cast are forgettable and an average plot doesn't really help it out. Not to mention it gave us one of the worst final episodes this season.

    Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu ★★
    - It's like K-On! with Guns... only then the MC decides that Cake and Club Activities aren't enough and goes on some Stupid Depressing Self-Discovery Journey not to mention she can distort or change... the world?... like a Reality Marble?... or something... the most fun I had with this show was when it wasn't trying to take itself seriously unfortunately that doesn't last long.

    Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou ★★
    - Such Wasted Potential... It tries way too hard to be Dark but other than a good 1st Episode it doesn't really deliver this is no Madoka trust me. Everything in between is boring and drags on... the final arc also and comes and goes with an unhealthy dose of ass-pulls. Leaving us with a very below average show.

    Kiniro Mosaic ?????
    - I honestly didn't finish watching this so my views on it are pretty premature... Still I felt past the third episode that it wasn't evolving past the "Cute Girls Doing Cute Things" Theme. I will probably finish it eventually and update this space.

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