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  • Member: bloosomangel10
  • Studio: Ostwind Studios [東の風]
  • Title: [Eden Team IC] Forgotten love
  • Premiered: 2013-07-29
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    • ohbijou make it gold
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  • Comments: This is my entry for Eden teamīs IC contest!

    Lately Oreki has been having the same dream, about a girl who was someone really special for him, but her face was blurry, he didnīt know who she was. (She was his lover a few years ago, but she had to move out so they had to break up, Oreki canīt remember her because he has amnesia)
    He wakes up and the days pass by.
    But one day, a fateful day he met someone, a girl, whose face was familiar to him (not knowing why,). After then, they got closer and closer (she could remember him, but he didnīt remember her) and they started going out. But a month later, Eru breaks up with Oreki, because she has to move out again. Oreki coulndīt believe it, she went to her place and saw that nothing was left, he was really sad but then he saw her again, under the sakura tree, then all the memories came to his mind, when they were together 4 years ago.
    So they met again....

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