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  • Member: shunaumi
  • Title: Every Heero Must Die
  • Premiered: 2003-06-23
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    • Dire Straits Brothers In Arms
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  • Comments: --- Introduction

    A Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing amv, to the song "Brothers in Arms" by the Dire Straits.

    --- Ripping the DVD

    I had to use quite a bad program to rip clips, but they turned out okay. They turned out line-y, as usual, but with such high quality dvds it didnt effect it so bad.

    --- Personal Thoughts

    I like this one, though it is quite upsetting, because I think the lyrics fit in quite well to the footage I used. I liked the way it all clipped together ^_^.

    --- History

    I started this amv as a tribute to Heero, but it ended up as a tribute to his former self and his past. I had few clips to play with, and with a song of that length, I think I did quite well with such a small amount of resources.

    It took quite a while to work out the program I was using (VirtualDub 1.4d), because its much different from the one I usually use (Windows Media Maker). I eventually figured it out, and well, this is the outcome.

    I'm not exactly the ... well, big fan of Heero, and I thought this would be a good way to get me to like him a bit more as the main character. I think I succeeded, because now I don't think he's such a bad character.

    --- Programs I used

    DVD to DivX ~ To rip the clips to AVI files on my computer so I could turn them into the amv itself
    VirtualDub 1.4d ~ To make the amv itself
    MP3 to WAV Decoder ~ To turn the song into a WAV to imput it into the footage
    Winamp 2.0 ~ To preview the amv, and see it was all in order

    --- Versions

    When I made the AMV at first, the file was 64.5mb, so it was far too big for the poor little 56k downloaders. On the 18th July, 2003, I was convinced to download Adobe Premiere ... and with all of those tools, I was lost! Rather than making a completely new amv, I decided to make copies of others. Seeing all of the file types available, I went into the file titled "\AMVs\Heero\", opened the file called "gw_brothers-in-arms", and started to convert.

    The RM one turned out fabulous, considering the fact that an RM file usually destroys the quality.
    The WMV version was made with a program called "Stoik Video Converter" -- copying the file into there and letting it rip it to a WMV. I was happy that it was obly 7.87mb, and that it was such a high quality file compared to the normal files made from Windows Media Maker. I'd tried to make this into a Windows Media Maker file, but it compressed terribly, and the quality was awful.

    So there you are, 56k-ers -- two *much* smaller files, with very little compression :)

    --- Other Notes

    This is probably the most dramatic and heartbreaking video I'll ever make, so please, if you have the time, check it out... especially for Heero Yuy fans. I hope everyone likes it, and don't forget to leave a few reviews! ^_^



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