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  • Member: JP-02
  • Studio: JP-02 Productions
  • Title: 0083-End Of All Hope Version2 - Final
  • Premiered: 2003-06-23
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    • Nightwish End of all hope
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  • Comments: Well I have to seriously Say this my Best AMV yet. The DVD Ripping went great on this Vid! Plus The Lip Sync was Near Perfect on this one! I have to say this one really gives you and Adrenaline Rush on some parts! The Sound Quality is Great!

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    It might help if you've seen Gundam 0083...
    I Thought about the song...
    -GP-02 is stolen/Time is running out cos' aColony is heading towards earth...
    It is the end of all hope!
    this life unforgiven....
    -Kou didn't get to the colony in time/Nina helped Gato,kou is sad/jealous
    End of hope...
    -Kou hold a picture of nina in his hand and stares at it sadly
    End of love...
    -The war scenes
    End of time
    -Gato Pulls the switch to Boost the colony to earth
    The rest is silence
    Kou Feels He's Losin' His Girlfriend...
    GP-02 has been Stolen
    a Huge Colony is heading towards earth
    It is the end of all hope
    To lose the child, the faith
    To end all the innocence
    To be someone like me
    This is the birth of all hope
    To have what I once had
    This life unforgiven
    It will end with a birth

    No will to wake for this morn
    To see another black rose born
    Deathbed is slowly covered with snow

    Angels, they fell first but I'm still here
    Alone as they are drawing near
    In heaven my masterpiece will finally be sung

    Wounded is the deer that leaps highest
    And my wound it cuts so deep
    Turn off the light and let me pull the plug

    Mandylion without a face
    Deathwish without a prayer
    End of hope
    End of love
    End of time
    The rest is silence

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