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  • Member: aerotem
  • Studio: Invictus
  • Title: Repressed Nostalgia
  • Premiered: 2013-06-08
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    • Neutral Milk Hotel The King of Carrot Flowers, Part One
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    This is my final AMV.

    I started editing AMVs back in 2005 and I never would have thought that from editing anime it would eventually lead me to set certain goals for my future. Thank you everyone who has helped me in the AMV community to get better at editing and to everyone who's ever supported me to continue editing.

    Basically, this AMV goes through how even though some have to deal with certain tragedies that happened in their past and even in the present it's not making anything look better, you should always try to hold onto some hope for a better future and work towards that.

    I didn't honestly think I would be able to sit through and make an AMV because of how I rarely have any freetime, but I made this in about 1 day, lol.
    Either way, I hope that everyone enjoys this AMV. Thank you to everyone that I've met through this community. Even though I am an asshat, I really do appreciate all the support everyone has given me.

    Specifically to those who helped me finish this project, thanks.
    Beta Testers:
    OrestesAMV (Haze/Tommy)
    AMVSoup (Ulyses)

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