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  • Members: Warlike Swans, Warlike Cygnet
  • Title: Holómon (Holomon)
  • Premiered: 2013-06-02
  • Categories:
    • Character Profile
    • Comedy
    • Fun
    • Parody
  • Song:
    • Jason Paige feat. Kati Mac, John Loeffler, Ken Cummings, & Louis Cortelezzi Pokémon Theme
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Boston 2013 , Anime Boston 2013 Music Video Contest (2013-05-24)
    • Anime North 2013, Anime North Music Video Competition 2013 (2013-05-25)
  • Comments: Part 1 of the Pander Triology

    This was actually one of our very first AMV ideas, and I thought it would take a lot more masking to execute, so we put it off for a long time.

    We decided to keep the editing relatively simple looking to keep it parodying openings from the turn of 2000, but in retrospect I think we should have upped the dynamism.

    Awards: Anime Boston (Best in Show)
    Otafest (audience choice)

    Nel drawing by ViviFX

    Voice acting: ViviFX, GuntherAMVs, Warlike Cygnet

    Beta Testing: AimoAio, TrufflePigStudios, BecauseImBored1, GuntherAMVs

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