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  • Member: hamstar138
  • Title: Key Addict (Quickening Round 1)
  • Premiered: 2013-06-01
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    • Shinedown Enemies
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  • Comments:  photo KeyAddict_zps2840f361.jpg

    So this is my first video in the first round of the Quickening! I'm in group D and we got the song Shinedown to the song Enemies.

    I first was going to make an action song but as you can see I didn't do that! I'm a huge KEY animation fan. I enjoy the games, anime, and manga it produces. But all the Key things we fans enjoy started off with the game and soon lead to the shows which we all come to love. One thing about Key fans is we tend to be huge fans that out of what the company brings out no matter what we tend to like it. Now Kemia from The World God Only Knows as he always plays visual novels got curious about the Key games...but what is amazing to the key world is that with all it's moments it only drags you in to play the next one.

    Note: Special thanks to Fall_Child42 who helped me learn masking easier and learned Blur Pans step-by-step. Also Special thanks to kisanzi who showed me these effects are better made in after effects and Adobe Premiere CS6 fails at them. Finally thanks to Fall_Child42 and Otohiko for being my beta testers.

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