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  • Member: PantherMarie1988
  • Studio: Infinity
  • Title: Wake The Sleeper Inside
  • Premiered: 2013-05-21
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    • TobyMac Ignition
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  • Comments: I created this with the idea in mind that there simply aren't many good YYH AMVs that can be found all basically D; ... I realize that this anime isn't necessarily relevant these days, but it is still an awesome about a year ago, funi released the remastered BDs so now we have "sparkly quality YYH" available to edit with *w* ... so yeah, I really wish that more people would edit with this anime (please do, dear fans; Yusuke needs your love). Honestly, most AMVs of YYH that you run across are years old and even newer ones aren't really that good =/ I may not be the best editor out there, but I just wanted to show that a decent AMV can be made with this series (despite YYH's age). Sooo...yeah xD

    Yu Yu Hakusho is basically the anime that made me an otaku. It is the show that defined my adolescence...whether you'd consider that a good thing or not, I don't know - this is the only series I've watched all the way through more than one time. I find that I will also sit down and watch random episodes from time to time, and just doing that on a crappy day will make my day 100% better. I think it is hard to edit to a series you really love with all your heart for fear that you aren't doing it the justice you think it deserves, but hopefully I did okay with this.

    This was edited with the chapter black saga only (as sort of a tribute to that arc).


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